About Evalynne

2021 marks my 37th year of working with children, young people and families and I am very proud to be supporting other Hypnotherapists to develop excellent practice for working with children of ALL neurotypes. I have been a Hypnotherapist myself since 2004 and now train other new beginners for CHRYSALIS https://www.chrysaliscourses.ac.uk/about-us/tutors in Hypnotherapy with Counselling Skills in Leeds and Sheffield. I am doing a Masters (MSc) in Behaviour Change (Health & Wellbeing) at the University of Derby.

I am the Director of Ed Elf Child Therapy Ltd.  helping children and young adults of ALL NEUROTYPES develop rich mental wealth and self esteem.

QUALIFIED Hypnotherapists benefit from my CPD programme if they wish to develop their practice working with children, young adults and families INCLUDING specialising in young people & adults with Neurodiverse brain functioning such as Autism and Aspergers.


The Programme has three courses available currently:

  • Paediatric Hypnotherapy
  • Safeguarding Children as a Hypnotherapist
  • Working with Neurodiverse Children and young Adults

Once therapists have completed these three courses they are offered the opportunity to become an Ed Elf Child Therapist by attending the Ed Elf Immersive – a 2 day orientation programme for those who want to expand on their CPD and learn the Ed Elf  signature method ‘CONGRUENT me’ for building truly transformational, rich mental wealth and self esteem in young people.  

I believe in CHOICES – and can reassure you that you don’t have to want to become an Ed Elf therapist – or use the signature ‘CONGRUENT me’ method – to  benefit Courses 1-3, and there is no hard sell, pressure or otherwise aggressive marketing to try and persuade you to either!


I have held various positions, most recently as an Asst Head at the wonderful Northease Manor special needs school in Sussex, where I was responsible for Residential Provision, Safeguarding and Compliance  – https://www.northease.co.uk/

I also had ten amazing years supporting the fantastic outdoor education specialist community interest company Circle of Life Rediscovery   as a youth programme designer/facilitator and also designed and delivered Forest School staff training in relation to Safeguarding and Risk Assessment, co-created a Volunteer and Staff Handbook and led on camps and workshops.

I’m lucky to have shared some wonderful work with  Shine For Life   equine assisted psychotherapy – which is developing in the UK.

In 2013 I left the bosom of child safety charity in Brighton & Hove Safety Net where I had enjoyed being a policy advisor, Quality Assurance co-ordinator and safeguarding training lead under a programme of funded work called ‘Let’s Protect’. I had worked for Safety Net since 2006 in a variety of safeguarding roles, and as a freelance trainer.

Some of my work has taken me overseas to Cape Town to work with children and families in the townships and some in residential care, and also Buffalo, N.Y.  for a school project linked with AVIS (not the car people! -Anti-Violence in Schools) where I worked alongside the percussion-based organisation Redzebra to address the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child with school children and create a powerful performance. I have also visited Porto in Portugal on a social inclusion cultural exchange

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