Argus article – Seaford School tries banning Facebook pictures of pupils

Seaford school bans Facebook pictures

3:30pm Wednesday 18th July 2012 in News

A school is attempting to ban parents from posting pictures of their own children on Facebook and Twitter.

Cradle Hill Primary in Lexden Road, Seaford, has told parents that they are not to put pictures of their own children on social networking sites that have been taken in school or on school trips.

This means that trips to the farm, museums and sports days cannot be shared – even though it is very easy to ensure maximum privacy settings on social networking sites.

While the school could legally prevent parents and carers from snapping their children on the school grounds under private property laws, they cannot stop parents taking pictures in public places.

The school has written to parents and carers saying: “Whilst it is impossible to prevent you from taking photographs and video of your own children during school events, it is imperative that I can trust that you will not post any images taken on the school grounds or on school trips onto any social network site.

“As you will appreciate, it is impossible for us to monitor this and so your assistance is needed.”

School headteacher Gianni Bianchi said: “We don’t think it is safe.” He added it was the governors’ policy.

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East Sussex County Council guidance for schools does not suggest banning parents from posting photographs but does say they should get permission from the families of any children in their pictures.

A spokesman said Cradle Hill’s policy was an issue for the school.

He said: “There’s no specific policy on this from the county council and it’s for schools to discuss such issues with parents if they have concerns.

“We do provide schools with guidance on the taking of photographs of pupils, and the responsible use of those photographs. However, this is advice guidance for schools not a county council policy. It is for schools to decide.”

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